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Violent demonstration at Turkish military base in Dohuk Province


At 15:30 on 26 January, hundreds of individuals conducted a demonstration in Sire Complex, located in the Sheladiz area of Amadiya District in Dohuk Province. Protesters marched towards a Turkish military base north of the complex as they denounced the recent Turkish airstrikes on 23 January, which inadvertently struck multiple civilians in the Rashava area of Deraluk Sub-District, located in the Amadiya District of Dohuk Province.

Protesters breached the Turkish base, and set fire to multiple Turkish military vehicles including two Turkish tanks (or other armored vehicles), multiple posts, and weapons storage facilities. This caused multiple explosions. Demonstrators also reportedly captured several Turkish soldiers and injured two Turkish intelligence officers, though further verification is required with regards to captured personnel. Turkish forces responded by firing into the air, but apparently withdrew. At least one demonstrator was reportedly killed, and 10 others were wounded. Turkish fixed-wing aircraft were observed monitoring the situation, subsequently conducted show-of-force flybys generating sonic booms and dropping flares. Sizeable Kurdish security forces were deployed, with the demonstration dispersed by around 17:45.

Demonstrations commonly follow Turkish airstrikes that cause inadvertent civilian casualties. The increased tempo of errant targeting culminated with the 26 January events, which formed the first demonstration at a Turkish base in recent history. The violent nature of the demonstration formed a very prominent escalation that further highlighted the depth of anti-Turkish atmospherics stemming from these events. Additional demonstrations pertaining to these events are possible in the KR-I and Sinjar over the near-term. With the 26 January events serving as a precedent, there is a clear potential for additional civil unrest affecting Turkish military sites following errant airstrikes in the future.


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