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Vehicle borne IED reportedly found and cleared in eastern Mosul City


At around noon on 3 June, security forces found and cleared a red pickup truck described as a vehicle borne IED near an abandoned house in the Gogjali area, located along the eastern fringes of Mosul City. The Security Media Center reported that an operation was conducted in the area after a small detonation affected the front of the pickup truck while parked in the mentioned area. ISF responded and cleared a number of IEDs rigged in the rear of the vehicle. The driver was arrested, and claimed the vehicle was recently purchased. No casualties were reported.

30th Shabak PMF Brigade sources issued slightly conflicting and likely embellished accounts that these events began with an intelligence-driven operation leading to the discovery of the vehicle. Some of the explosives were dismantled by PMF EOD personnel, with a controlled detonation later used to render safe explosives that could not be safely dismantled. This narrative was detracted by images indicating the front of the vehicle was damaged prior to the clearance of remaining explosives rigged in the rear, as claimed by the Security Media Center.

The device was likely discovered after a partial premature detonation affecting the device. A tenuous lull in vehicle borne IED activity in Nineveh Province was broken by three loosely coordinated incidents in Nineveh and Anbar between 23-27 May. The 3 June vehicle borne IED find further underscored elevated IS intent to promote this form of attack in Mosul and other population centers of Nineveh Province during Ramadan and the period surrounding Eid al-Fitr.


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