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Vehicle borne IED detonation in Mosul causes a number of civilian casualties


At approximately 19:30 on 28 February, a vehicle borne IED detonated near multiple restaurants outside the Mosul University Science College Gate in al-Majmua al-Thaqafiya neighborhood, located in northeastern Mosul City. Casualty figures predictably varied. Official security sources cited one killed and 13 wounded. Higher counts from police and medical sources cited two individuals killed, and 24 others wounded. Seven nearby vehicles were damaged. Due to a degree of standoff from the restaurants, most of those wounded sustained minor injuries from shards of glass and were released from hospitals after receiving initial treatment.

Security forces responded and imposed a curfew in the area that remained in effect until 06:00 the following morning. During a press conference on 28 February, Nineveh Operations Commander Maj. Gen. Najim al-Jubouri and Nineveh Governor Nawfal al-Agub denounced the vehicle borne IED attack conducted by IS. Based on surveillance footage, the vehicle’s owner was identified as an IS-affiliated fugitive. His brother was reportedly arrested. Additional reporting indicates National Security Service personnel arrested two individuals suspected of involvement in Karama neighborhood. However, sound indicators of culpability were initially lacking. Significant security responses are anticipated in and around Mosul in the aftermath of this incident.

The 28 February vehicle borne IED interdiction forms the seventh vehicle borne IED incident in Nineveh Province since September 2018, with most incidents occurring in and around Mosul. On 17 February, ISF interdicted a vehicle borne IED near Badush, possibly while in transit to Mosul. Occurring less than two weeks later, the 28 February vehicle borne IED detonation further highlights elevated IS attack intent during this period. Related influences involve elevated IS intent to overshadow significant losses sustained by its forces in Nineveh and Salah ad Din provinces in recent weeks.


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