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Vehicle borne IED detonates in Mosul as part of ongoing spike in activity


At around 19:50 on 8 March, a parked vehicle borne IED detonated on the main road near Spicy Chicken Restaurant in Muthanna neighborhood of eastern Mosul City. The device targeted a convoy belonging to the Mosul National Security Service Director, Lieutenant Colonel Hisham al-Najim. One ISF member was killed as well as a female child, and at least 10 other individuals including five security personnel were wounded according to the Security Media Center and medical sources. Anecdotal reporting claimed the primary target was not present in the movement, which was transporting family members at the time. It is unclear if family members were amongst the casualties.

The 8 March incident stands out for being part of an ongoing spike in vehicle borne IED activity in Mosul since mid-February. This is assessed to correlate with a resurgence in IS attack intent surrounding the collapse of the organization’s last core terrain in Syria. On 17 February, ISF interdicted a vehicle borne IED near Badush, likely while in transit to Mosul. Less than two weeks later on the evening of 28 February, a vehicle borne IED detonated outside the Mosul University Science College Gate in al-Majmua al-Thaqafiya neighborhood, northeastern Mosul. Just over one week later, the latest attack occurred in an area of northeastern Mosul approximately 2.5km from the 28 February detonation.


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