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Turkish airstrikes near Amadiya and Makhmour Refugee Camp cause several casualties


At around 16:30 on 18 July, Turkish Air Force aircraft conducted an airstrike against a PKK vehicle halted outside a local shop in Spindare Village, located south of Amadiya. The vehicle was damaged, with three PKK members wounded along with five civilians. At around 00:20 on 19 July, Turkish Air Force aircraft conducted an airstrike against PKK locations on Qarachokh Mountain near Makhmour Refugee Camp, southwestern Erbil Province. According to the Security Media Cell, five individuals were wounded during two airstrikes conducted near the camp as Turkish aircraft “violated Iraqi airspace.”

As previously assessed, upticks in Turkish airstrikes were anticipated as part of retaliatory responses to the assassination of the Turkish diplomat in Erbil on 17 July. It was noted that bold targeting practices including airstrikes against suspected PKK vehicle movements are associated with increased threats for the civilian populace. To recall, such conditions contributed to the inadvertent deaths of at least six civilians between 26-27 June. These considerations underscore peripheral hazards for client movement operations in the vicinity of established PKK support zones, particularly the importance of maintaining awareness of potential PKK movements.


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