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Suicide vehicle borne IED interdicted in Fallujah City


At approximately 08:00 on 6 December, elements of the PMF Imam Ali Division and 16th Emergency Police Battalion interdicted and seized a suicide vehicle borne IED at the Muwadhafin Checkpoint in east Fallujah City. No casualties were reported. Security personnel arrested the driver of the vehicle and cleared a suicide vest. It is unclear whether the operative was wearing the vest at the time of the interdiction. ISF immediately closed the checkpoint and had implemented heightened security measures across Fallujah City due to the suspicion of additional threats.

This latest event forms the third vehicle borne IED incident in as many months, with all three reported in either Fallujah or Ramadi. This focus highlights the continuous IS ambitions to promote this classic form of mass-casualty attack in these once prominent hubs. The one-month gap between these events also illustrates an increased IS capacity to manufacture and deploy such labor and material intensive assets. That being said, the deployment of a teenager in this instance highlights ongoing IS challenges to recruit and deploy methodically trained suicide operatives in support of mass-casualty attacks. Given these circumstances, IS will continue to conduct a higher proportion of attacks using remote controlled devices given the inherent challenges concerning the effective infiltration of suicide attackers.


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