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Shooting during altercation near MRF Towers in Erbil


At 15:25 on 3 April, a personal dispute between a group of individuals escalated into a physical altercation near MRF 4 Towers in Erbil City. Small arms fire was also reported during this incident. Casualty figures were initially unavailable. Security forces responded and arrested an unspecified number of participants. Additional refinements are anticipated amongst initially limited reporting.

At least seven shootings were reported in Erbil District during the month of March, forming the highest count since an equal total in October 2018. This is initially assessed to represent an isolated uptick as opposed to a more concerning shift in patterns. Underreporting remains a factor despite the understanding that limited violence forms an established consideration for any major urban center.  The 3 April incident forms the third incident in as many weeks involving small arms fire, or the associated threat of deadly force, located in areas frequented by NGOs and other international organizations in Erbil City. Each of these events highlighted the threat of inadvertent exposure to acts of violence in this very permissive operating environment, and the related importance of associated contingency planning. The occurrence of two incidents during daylight hours further underscores the importance of being prepared to react to incidents during all times of day with little to no warning.


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