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Several rockets impact in and around Erbil city


At 21:30 on 15 Feb, at least 14 107mm rockets were launched towards areas in and around Erbil city, with 3 rockets impacting within Erbil Air Base, near Erbil International Airport. 1 CF contractor was killed, and 8 others wounded. The contractor who died was not a US citizen, but nationality was not disclosed. 1 US service member was also wounded, suffering from a concussion along with 4 US contractors. The C-RAM defense system at Erbil Air Base intercepted at least 1 rocket.

At least 2 rockets impacted in residential areas of northern Erbil city. 1 rocket impacted the perimeter wall of Naz City apartment complex, located along 40 Meter Street. 1 impacted at the Waziran Roundabout. A guard employed by the nearby Egyptian Consulate was wounded. Several homes and vehicles sustained damage. Overall, 2-3 impacts appear most likely. At least 1 rocket detonated in the vicinity of the Animal Market in the Kani Qirzhala area, west of Erbil city. Two civilians were wounded, with one later succumbing to his injuries. Limited reports indicated 2 more rockets landed without detonation near the 2nd Zeravani Brigade base in the area.

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