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Several IS militants killed while infiltrating area near Sinjar, as IS kill tribal leader south of Mosul


At around noon on 24 July, Iraqi Army, police and Hêza Parastina Êzîdxan (HPÊ) units conducted a search operation near the Sinjar Cement Factory in western Nineveh Province. Security forces cordoned insurgents in a nearby area, with clashes ensuing through the afternoon. Conflicting reports claimed 4-5 insurgents were shot and killed, while 2-3 others detonated explosive belts in an established approach to avoid capture. No casualties were reported amongst security personnel. The 24 July incident stood out for its proximity to central Sinjar and Highway 47, and the heavy IS losses cited as part of hastily executed security responses.

Further south, on the night of 23 July, IS gunmen broke into the home in Zuwayrij Village, located south of Mosul in an area west of Highway 1 in western Hammam al-Alil Sub-District. The gunmen shot and killed a tribal leader from Albu Badran tribe, Ali Khaz’al al-Badrani, along with his nephew according to conflicting reports. Local armed citizens reportedly clashed with the insurgents, forcing them to withdraw in their pickup truck. Limited reporting suggested at least one additional local citizen may have been wounded. This attack forms the latest examples of an established IS murder and intimidation campaign in Nineveh Province.


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