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Multiple casualties following motorcycle-borne IED detonation northwest of Baghdad


On the afternoon of 15 July, a three-wheeled motorcycle borne IED detonation was reported in Saba al-Bour Town of Taji District, located northwest of Baghdad. According to an unnamed security source, between 1-3 civilians were killed, and as many as five others were wounded. ISF immediately imposed heightened security measures in the affected area. The apparent target of the 15 July attack was not initially discussed, though this incident occurring in an urban area conforms with established IS targeting patterns.

On a national basis, this incident forms the third motorcycle borne IED detonation since the beginning of 2019, and the first in the Central Region. Historically, such attacks are not highly effective in terms of casualties inflicted, often emulating common roadside IEDs. The larger three-wheeled motorcycle enabled the employment of a higher yield of explosives than two-wheeled variants, likely contributing to the above-average effectiveness of the attack. The 15 July attack forms the latest in a series of attacks north of Baghdad since June, and prominently illustrate the diversity of IS tactics.

Significant security responses in Taji District and adjacent districts in the northern Baghdad Belt are somewhat possible over the near-term. For client operations, the specific nature of established targeting patterns further reduces the threat posed, though inadvertent exposure remains an enduring consideration.


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