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Kurdistan Region of Iraq lockdown to end at midnight on 6 April


During the evening of 6 April, the KRG Ministry of Interior released a further update regarding the complete lockdown currently in place across the KR-I. As a reminder, the lockdown was due to end at 12:00 on 6 April but was extended indefinitely until the KRG had discussions on how to proceed in conjunction with governors and mayors within the KR-I.

The latest update states that the complete lockdown will remain in force until midnight on 6 April. Between midnight and 18:00, starting on 7 April, the restrictions will be relaxed returning the previous curfew measures. Residents will be allowed out in order to purchase food and other necessities but are still encouraged to remain at home and limit their social interactions during these times. Between 18:00 and midnight each day, the lockdown will come back into effect thereby barring all but essential traffic such as on-duty medical staff, journalists and security personnel. These new measures will remain in place until 10 April, which was the original end date of the curfew.

Subsequent media reporting stated that the Iraq Crisis Cell has decided to extend the national curfew until 19 April, although further clarity is required and will be provided in future updates.

Empty streets in Erbil


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