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ISF interdict vehicle borne IED west of Mosul


At around 17:40 on 17 February, Falcon Intelligence Cell personnel in conjunction with 66th Brigade, 20th Iraqi Army Division, discovered a vehicle borne IED near Thalja Village, located west of Mosul in the Badush Sub-District. The operative was arrested, and the vehicle was rendered safe via controlled detonation. Reports citing the Falcon Intelligence Cell and 20th Division Commander Brigadier General Sherzad Rashid praised an intelligence-driven ambush that resulted in the destruction of a suicide vehicle borne IED travelling near Badush. Available reporting and established patterns is more indicative of opportunistic circumstances involving a suspicious vehicle being halted at a checkpoint or ISF patrol while in transit.

The 17 February vehicle borne IED interdiction forms the sixth vehicle borne IED incident in Nineveh Province since September 2018. One concentration was located Tal Afar and surrounding areas, hosting one find north of the city on 13 September, and one detonation at a market in the city on 25 December that killed two and wounded 15 others. A more prominent concentration concerned Mosul and its suburbs. On 23 October, a vehicle borne IED detonated at a market in Qayyarah, killing seven and wounding 19 in highly lethal attack. On 6 November, a device detonated while being cordoned in eastern Mosul City. Two days later, another device detonated outside a restaurant in western Mosul City, killing four and wounding 12.


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