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ISF clear rocket on platform along area of Highway 1 north of Baghdad


Overnight between 14-15 June, according to Federal Police sources, 1st Battalion, 8th Brigade, 2nd Federal Police Division, found a Katyusha rocket on a launching platform in an unspecified area along Highway 1 between Baghdad and Samarra. The rocket was said to be prepared for launch against an unspecified target. Few further details were discussed, with this incident gaining relatively limited attention. The mentioned unit commonly operates in an area north of Baghdad between Tagiyat and Taji, providing some further indication of the possible location.

This discovery closely follows the indirect fire attacks against Balad Air Base and the US Embassy between 13-14 June. It is somewhat plausible that this incident comprised a related incident directed against Camp Taji, which like Balad Air Base hosts a sizeable CF presence. That said, it is unclear if this incident represented an authentically failed attack, or instead a feigned attack intended to form a demonstration. Similar conditions surrounded an incident near the same base on 30 April. Given the significant information gaps in effect, this incident is initially relegated to another footnote of the 13-14 June incidents and broader blowback pertaining to the US-Iran tensions.


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