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IS sustains heavy losses during coordinated attacks in northern Diyala province


Overnight between 21-22 August, IS militants conducted a set of coordinated attacks in areas of northern Diyala province. In the most significant incident, as many as seven IS militants armed with light weapons targeted an Iraqi Army outpost located southeast of Qarah Tappah town. At least two soldiers were killed, and three others were wounded, as a result of a suicide vest detonation and small arms fire engagement. The Security Media Cell issued a statement claiming six insurgents were killed after being cordoned, including four armed with suicide vests, and one IS journalist that specialized in documenting attacks.

Despite several ISF casualties being sustained, the elimination of the entire IS raid force during the 22 August events represented a significant success for security forces. The elusiveness of skilled IS gunmen in the province is notorious, reflecting a combination of a preference towards engagements from stand-off distances using precision small arms fire, natural concealment afforded by complex terrain, attack timings during hours of darkness, and other components reflective of skilled mission planning. Of 24 IS-initiated direct fire attacks in Diyala province since June, this incident formed the first instance where the attacking force was confirmed to have sustained losses


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