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IS militants assassinate tribal leader southwest of Mosul


On the night of 3 December, at least three IS gunmen wearing military uniforms infiltrated Umrayni Village, located southwest of Mosul in western Hammam al-Alil Distict. The militants broke into the home of a tribal official, Sheikh Raghib Abdul Hadi al-Badrani. IS abducted the official and executed him using small arms fire along the outskirts of the village. Other reports claimed the official was immediately executed outside his home. The targeted individual was described as the founder of the Albu Badran tribe’s militia. An unnamed security source also described the tribal leader as the Umrini Village Mukhtar.

The 3 December raid is consistent with an enduring IS murder and intimidation campaign targeting local officials with tribal, government, and security affiliations in Nineveh. This campaign is intended to disrupt local ties with ISF, and degrade the effectiveness of local security forces, in order to incrementally improve IS freedom of movement as a long-term priority. As once again illustrated by this attack, preferred target areas remain minor population centers south of Mosul vulnerable to IS staging grounds extending from the Jazeera Desert.


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