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IS militants ambush residents during arson attack in Kirkuk Province


On the night of 29 May, IS militants set fire to several agricultural lands in the vicinity of as many as eight predominately Kakai Kurdish villages in suburbs of Daquq, located south of Kirkuk. Locals in many areas were said to be reluctant to respond due to established IED threats, and denounced slow or absent security responses. Insurgents clashed with residents responding to the fire in Dara Agha (Haftaghar) Village, killing one and wounding 6-9 others according to conflicting reports. The fatality was identified as an off-duty Peshmerga. No IS casualties were reported during the engagement.

Daquq District remains one of the most active environments in southern Kirkuk Province due to the low population density, overstretched nature of security forces, and vulnerability to established IS staging grounds in proximate rural areas. Regular security operations, including recent operations resulting inĀ heavy IS losses, have only posed a tenuous impact on related capabilities. Suburbs of Daquq and Tuz continue to be amongst the most heavily affected areas affected by the recent spike in fires as further highlighted by the most recent attacks. Insurgents also continue to enhance the intimidatory impact of this scorched-earth campaign by targeting responding security personnel and civilians.


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