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IS gunmen assassinate three individuals with security affiliations in western Mosul City


On the early morning hours of 18 December, IS gunmen broke into a home in Ubur area, located in the Nahrawan neighborhood along the western outskirts of Mosul City. Three male individuals were killed at the residence before the insurgents fled. One of the targeted individuals was identified as the acting mukhtar of Ubar area. The individuals were believed to have been primarily targeted due to their support for ISF in the area.

IS murder and intimidation operations in Nineveh continue to be defined by raids targeting local mukhtars, PMF commanders, ISF informants, and other individuals with security affiliations. Mukhtars often play a key role coordinating with security forces and providing information pertaining to suspicious individuals. This targeting campaign is intended to incrementally improve IS freedom of movement as a long-term priority. IS militants have conducted at least two raids in Nineveh per month since October, representing persistent capabilities despite regular security operations. The 18 December attack forms the second raid along these lines thus far in December. The previous incident on 3 December resulted in the execution of a tribal official in a village located southwest of Mosul in western Hammam al-Alil District.


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