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IS conduct deadly attack against a mukhtar’s home northwest of Baghdad


On the late evening of 6 June, IS militants armed with light weapons targeted a home belonging to an unidentified mukhtar in Khamsa Village of northwestern Tarmiyah District, located along the Baghdad and Salah ad Din provincial borders. PMF personnel returned fire and subsequently forced the militants to withdraw. According to a local security source, two PMF members were killed, and three others were wounded. The mukhtar, who formed the apparent target of this attack, was not present at the time of the incident and is allegedly affiliated with a local PMF unit. This latest attack conforms with an established IS murder and intimidation campaign intended to improve IS freedom of movement and degrade local confidence in the security apparatus.

The 6 June attack occurred days after the lethal complex attack in Tarmiyah District on the evening of 3 June, which killed five ISF members and wounded nine others. As a result of this uptick in lethal activity, several PMF leaders and Parliament Speaker Deputy Hasan al-Kabi called on Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi to launch extensive clearance operations in the northern Baghdad Belt. Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq PMF leader Qais Khazali demanded that any ensuing operation should involve the PMF. Given these atmospherics and recent IS activity, extensive clearance operations are somewhat likely to occur following Eid al-Fitr and affect active hotspots of the northern Baghdad Belt.


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