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Iranian-backed militias alter tactics during spike in IED attacks against CF-contracted logistics convoys


On the morning of 30 March, according to Sabreen News and other sources, an IED detonation affected a CF-contracted logistics convoy travelling on Highway 1 near the Arz Lebanon restaurant, located west of Nasiriyah city in Dhi Qar province. The SMC confirmed the attack, adding the detonation destroyed a militarized Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle that was being transferred from CF to the Iraqi Army. No casualties were reported. Sabreen News described the attack as a significant two-part operation. The outlet claimed that members of the International Resistance Company managed to infiltrate the Jraischan Border Crossing Point, where several US security companies and a number of Fijian private security personnel are stationed. According to the statement and associated video footage, an IED was placed on the vehicle being transported, and the device was remotely detonated militia members trailed behind the convoy.

The video footage appeared to authentically confirm an IED detonation under these conditions as opposed to a roadside IED attack, but claims that the device was emplaced at the Jraischan Border Crossing Point could not be verified. Other possibilities involve an IED dropped from an overpass while the convoy was in transit or other approaches. That said, this is not the first time Iranian-backed groups claimed that they had conducted activity near the Jraischan Border Crossing Point, which is designated for military transit. On 28 January, Sabreen News reported an unconfirmed IED against a CF-contracted logistics convoy near this border crossing.

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