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Indirect fire attack against Taji Military Complex


At approximately 21:30 on 17 June, three 107mm rockets impacted the Taji Military Complex in Taji District, located north of Baghdad. No casualties were sustained, with warning sirens subsequently reported in a routine response. CJTF-OIR acknowledged the incident, stating that “indirect fire landed within the perimeter of Camp Taji, Iraq, June 17. There were no coalition or partner force casualties, and Iraqi Security Forces are investigating the incident.” The Security Media Cell also released a statement which cited that three rounds impacted the location but made no mention of casualty figures.

Despite the significant international media coverage which quickly followed this event, the US Government did not issue an initial response beyond the limited acknowledgment from military sources. Reporting typically failed to identify a responsible actor for this latest instance, though such activity is likely a reflection of the current tensions between the US and Iran and its proxy Shi’a militias. This incident shortly follows a series of similar indirect fire events against CF interests and installations in Iraq between 13-15 June, broadening the scope of these relatively coordinated attacks.

Regional tensions between the US and Iran have ebbed and flowed, characterized by a number of headlining incidents which have influenced a number of attacks against CF interests in Iraq. Such atmospherics were recently exacerbated following the US accusations of Iranian involvement in attacks against oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz on 13 June. More recently, on 17 June, acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan stated that the US was preparing to deploy 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East. Given current tensions, further attacks of this nature against CF and US interests are somewhat likely in the short-term.


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