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Indirect fire attack against Taji Military Complex


At approximately 20:38 on 28 October, between 2-3 suspected 107mm rockets reportedly impacted against the southern perimeter of the Taji Military Complex, located north of Baghdad. Some reports suggested that at least one impact within the perimeter, though no casualties or damages were reported. The point of origin was reported in the Bassam area of Saba al-Bur sub-district, located approximately 10kms southwest of the Taji Military Complex. Shortly following this attack, the Minister of Defense Najah al-Shimri visited the military site to inspect the point of impact. “The security situation at Camp Taji is stable and there is no damage,” Shimri stated.

National and international media attention concerning this incident was limited, with the bulk of reporting understandably focused on ongoing violent protests in Baghdad and the Southern Region. No statements from CF officials were reported, indicative of established efforts to downplay this attack so as not to exacerbate regional tensions further.


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