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Inadvertent detonation at a military base southeast of Baghdad


After midnight on 14 October, a detonation was reported at the Jaara Military Base in the Jisr Diyala area, located southeast of Baghdad. of Interior Spokesperson Major General Saad Maan immediately ordered an investigation into the incident, adding that as many as 12 security members were wounded. According to most sources, the inadvertent detonation was the result of a fire affecting an ammunition cache, with secondary explosions subsequently affecting mortar caches and other indirect fire assets. An unnamed security source stated that several rockets impacted in the nearby Basmaya Residential Complex.

Accidental detonations affecting weapons storage facilities are commonly seen during the summer months. The 14 October incident occurred in the aftermath of a series of suspected Israeli airstrikes against multiple PMF sites in Iraq in July and August. Limited and unverified reports promoted similar accusations in conjunction with the 14 October detonation. However, the bulk of security forces at the Jaara Military Base are associated with the Federal Police and not Iranian-backed militias. Such reporting is not uncommon and reflective of established efforts to offset the responsibility of accidental detonations as a result of poor storage conditions.


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