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IED found and cleared in Mosul City amongst continued spike in IED incidents


On the morning of 26 November, an IED was found and cleared near Dalil Sweets shop, located near Masarif Intersection in northeastern Mosul City. A legacy device is somewhat possible given the extensive nature of IED employment in the city during the conflict, and increases in associated incidents in active environments of northern and western Iraq. The 26 November event occurred as part of a broader spike in IED activity in suburbs of Mosul. This includes the 22 November detonation against a vehicle transporting students in an area north of Qayyarah, killing four civilians and wounding several others. In total, at least seven IED detonations and multiple finds were reported in Nineveh since inclement weather heightened around 22 November.

Security sources identified some incidents as involving explosive remnants of war, while multiple incidents were subject to limited reporting. Future incident patterns will be important to monitor in order to more confidently classify recent incidents as explosive remnant of war incidents, or instead recent IED emplacements underscoring IS exploitation of poor weather. Convoluting associated challenges, IS remains eager to claim responsibility for detonations that occur, altering target descriptions in some cases as usual.


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