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Heavy ISF casualties following IED detonation south of Fallujah City


On the afternoon of 16 April, according to local security sources, an IED detonated against soldiers from 41st Brigade, 10th Iraqi Army Division, while travelling in a vehicle in the Nuaymiya area, located south of Fallujah City. The vehicle was destroyed, and between 13 and 18 ISF casualties were reported according to various sources. Fatalities were possible, but not confirmed. Conflicting accounts from an unnamed security source cited that the detonation occurred while ISF personnel were clearing an explosive remnant of war (ERW) in the area as mentioned above. Official security sources were initially reluctant to clarify the circumstances and specific casualty counts.

It is somewhat more likely that an ERW detonated in this instance, though the exact circumstances surrounding the explosion are currently unclear. EOD clearance operations are routinely reported in densely vegetated areas south of Fallujah City, indicative of the intense fighting witnessed during the liberation of Fallujah District. Despite daily clearance operations, the threats surrounding these explosive hazards are routinely highlighted. A similar incident assessed to be the result of an ERW was previously reported in the Nuaymiya area on 26 February, which killed three civilians and wounded two others.


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