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Hand grenade cleared near oil company in Basra province


On 30 July, security forces cleared a hand grenade with no detonator, three rounds of 9mm ammunition and a threatening letter at an office associated with the Oil Technology for Logistics and Oil Field Services in North Rumaila, located in northwestern Basra province. The letter was addressed to a Syrian and Libyan national employed at the company, with work-related issues between local workers and the two foreign nationals motivating the incident. No casualties were reported.

Intimidation-style attacks against the oil and gas sector are rare but not uncommon in the Southern Region. Between 11 October and 8 December 2018, five separate incidents affecting multiple oil fields in Basra and Maysan provinces were reported. Attack incidents varied with the use of low-yield IEDs and small arms fire. No casualties or damage resulted, with these incidents connected to local contracts, employment and other issues. Another headlining attack was reported during the summer of 2018, amidst the height of violent demonstrations. Although rare, such limited disputes can result in more significant events if initial warnings are not heeded and appropriately dealt with.


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