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Total lockdown announced for Erbil province


On 28 June, the Erbil Operations Cell announced that Erbil province will be put under total lockdown from 06:00 on 30 June until 23:59 on 4 July. Initial reports suggested the lockdown would start at midnight on 29 June but these claims were swiftly corrected by KRG authorities. Subsequent reporting indicated that the following decisions were issued by the Operations Cell:

1. A complete curfew for all individuals and vehicles within Erbil city between 06:00 and midnight.
2. Bakeries, local markets and food suppliers, pharmacies and fuel transportation are exempt from the curfew.
3. Between midnight and 06:00, movement by farmers and other necessary services are allowed according to the previous curfew rules.
4. No movement will be allowed within Erbil city and no entrance to the province and other provinces within the KR-I will be allowed.
5. Salaries of provincial employees will be distributed in a manner as decided by each ministry.
6. These decisions are specific to Erbil province and all of its districts and sub-districts.

During the evening of 28 June, the governor of Erbil, Firsat Sofi, confirmed the lockdown and provided further guidance on exemptions. Apart from those previously discussed, military, humanitarian, diplomatic missions, oil and gas companies, medical, fire department and sanitation vehicles will be allowed to move freely during the lockdown. All non-commercial transportation between Erbil and other Kurdistan Region provinces remains prohibited. Journalists are allowed to move within the province for work-related commitments, but will not be allowed to enter Erbil province until the lockdown comes to an end.

A further KRG decision, as reported by local sources, stated that essential workers will be allowed to work during the lockdown. The announcement also stated that salary distribution will continue on a schedule to be decided by the Ministry of Finance, which will provide facilities to aid in salary payments. This latter statement was likely provided in order to alleviate confusion caused by a previous announcement regarding salary payments (see point 5 above). On 29 June, the head of the Erbil Provincial Council, Ali Rashid, confirmed that between midnight and 06:00, residents will be allowed to move freely to conduct all necessary business.

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