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Elevated risk of tribal violence in Basra province


On the evening of 6 April, according to unnamed security sources, an exchange of small arms fire occurred between individuals from one tribe in the Shafi area of Dayr sub-district, north of Basra city. A young individual was wounded and a house caught fire as a result. Police elements intervened and ended the clashes. No further details were discussed, but the risk of renewed violence in the vicinity of Shafi will be elevated over the near term, with the potential to impact traffic on the Basra – Amara road (Highway 6) and access to the nearby Majnoon Oilfield.

As discussed previously, on 5 April, a local dispute over field access escalated into shooting in the rural area near Hadama, Safwan sub-district, in southern Basra province. One individual was killed and another was wounded as a result. Local police intervened and arrested the individuals involved, while a number of weapons were seized. The risk of retribution attacks in the area will also be elevated over the near term in view of the resulting casualties and underlying tribal dynamics in the area.

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