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Deadly vehicle borne IED detonation in Tikrit illustrates continued increases in attack effectiveness


At around 16:40 on 18 November, a vehicle borne IED detonated near Fallujah Restaurant on Atibaa (Doctors) Street in Tikrit City.  Five individuals were reportedly killed including three women and two men. 16 others were wounded according to various sources.   Multiple surrounding buildings and nearly a dozen vehicles were set on fire or otherwise damaged. A curfew was subsequently put into effect as part of other routine security responses.

Vehicle borne IED activity is commonly seen in Tikrit City on an intermittent basis, with incidents recorded on 2 June15 July, and 10 October. The bulk of attacks target civilians in commercial areas, particularly on Doctors Street. Generating at least five fatalities, the 18 November attack stands out as the most effective vehicle borne IED attack in Tikrit City since an attack on 15 March 2017 that killed at least 11 individuals and wounded dozens of others. The high effectiveness seen in the 18 November attack further underscores continuous IS ambitions to promote this classic form of mass-casualty attack in active regions of Iraq.


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