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Contradictory reports concerning ineffective explosion in Ramadi City


On the afternoon of 16 November, according to an unnamed security source and other typically credible reporting, an under vehicle IED detonated against a civilian vehicle while parked near the Haji Ziyad Restaurant in Ramadi City. No casualties were reported. ISF immediately imposed heightened security measures including a lockdown in the affected area. In a conflicting account, Anbar Police Chief Major General Hadi Zerij, stated the detonation was the result of a controlled explosion of a vehicle borne IED. An IS claim was not initially received but will be discussed if released.

This disparity was initially difficult to confidently reconcile. The 16 November detonation swiftly follows an under vehicle IED detonation on 14 November that wounded a doctor traveling near the Fallujah Teaching Hospital in Khalidiyah Town, located east of Ramadi City. As such, an under vehicle IED detonation cannot be discounted. That said, the 16 November detonation is potentially more indicative of a low-sophistication vehicle borne IED which was initially misconstrued as an under vehicle IED, particularly given the ineffective nature of the attack. In addition, the locality of the device proximate to a restaurant in the center of Ramadi City conforms with established IS targeting patterns, further suggesting a failed vehicle borne IED attack.


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