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Continued sit-ins and route closures east of Mosul


As of 6 August, 30th Shabak PMF Brigade members maintained sit-ins at multiple checkpoints outside Mosul. This included sit-ins that continued to block Mosul-Erbil road, Mosul-Bashiqa road, and other routes. These key routes were not confirmed to have been opened as of the afternoon, but some alternative routes were viable. Related mediation efforts intensified. On the morning of 6 August, Shabak leaders met with several ranking security personnel at the Nineveh Operations Command headquarters including Joint Operations Command Deputy Commander Major General Abdul Ameer Rasheed Yarallah, Popular Mobilization Committee chairman Falih Faith, and deputy head Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The Nineveh Operations Command confirmed that meetings were being conducted to reconcile these events in a brief statement.

Despite limited altercations on 5 August, these developments have not been associated with significant violent escalations in a positive sign. Although the 30th Shabak PMF Brigade is resisting its removal from checkpoint operations, its ability to derail these initiatives is assessed to be tenuous. The situation will continue to be closely monitored, with route closures expected to subside as the transition of forces continues.


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