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Anti-government demonstrations in Baghdad and the South


On the morning of 10 May, local sources were reporting anti-government protests at several locations in central and southern Iraq, in line with earlier calls for protests escalations to be organized on 10 May. In Baghdad city, protesters advanced towards the Jumhuriyah Bridge, between Tahrir Square and the International Zone. They reportedly established a barricade on the bridge to impede ISF movement. In Wasit province, hundreds gathered in Kut city chanting against the current Iraqi political system. Vacant offices belonging to the Badr Organization and Sadrist Saraya al-Salam were reportedly torched during the night.

In Dhi Qar, confrontations between protesters and security forces were reported in Nasiriyah city, with no casualties initially cited. In Diwnaniyah province, protesters temporarily blocked the Diwaniyah-Najaf road in the early hours of the morning. In Muthanna, protesters gathered near Ghadeer Square in Samawah city during the morning, but additional reporting cited that the situation returned to normal later during the day. In Basra city, protesters gathered at the Naval Command Roundabout sit-in to demonstrate support for the peaceful escalation of protests.

The risk of protest escalations in other cities of central and southern Iraq will be elevated in the immediate outlook, with confrontations between protesters and ISF and localized road closures possible as a result.

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